Our cash back process is super simple.

The only thing you have to do is remember to put us down on your apartment application! Otherwise, your cash back will be rejected by the apartment.

However there are a few tricks to that, some apartment applications are more complicated than others.

1.  Find “How did you hear about us”

All application forms should have this on them, (usually a dropdown list)from here you will have a range of options to select.

  • Apartment finder
  • Rental agency
  • Locator
  • Realtor
  • Agent

Selecting ANY of these will make you eligible for cash back.

2.  Find "Who helped/referred you"

From there all you have to do is write in  "Lighthouse"

Voila! You can submit your application and you are ready to receive cash back from us.

Here's a visual example (For online applications) to help you see the process more clearly.

Having problems?

Don't submit your application without a referral! These are sometimes almost impossible to recover.

Email, text, call, throw a rock through our window.

We will get back ASAP and help you out with the application!

Email: Hello@lighthouse.app
Tel: 469-949-2325